International Venture Days

Venture Days started in Madrid but have gone global! You can find out about the place and time of the events on our website, as well as about the conditions. We simply and concisely tell the information and involve only quality and trusted resources, for example, You can ask questions and share your thoughts, as well as write papers yourself and maybe we will invite you as a speaker.
We now hold IE Venture Days in cities in over 14 countries: Berlin, Bogota, Doha, Lisbon, Madrid, Mexico City, Milan, Mumbai, Providence US, Sao Paolo, Shanghai, Singapore…And now London.

Here are some photos, blogs & videos from our recent venture days from around the globe:

IE London Venture Day Opens Doors to Success

Calling All Entrepreneurs: UKTI Presents IE London Venture Day for Start-up Growth

Photos: Venture Day Madrid May 2013 

Videos: Venture Day Madrid November 2014

Promo video: Venture Day Madrid

We announce the finalists on the blog:
Here you can see speakers etc:

Venture Day Doha

Venture Day Providence

Venture Day Lisbon

Venture Day Tokyo

Venture Day India